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7/6/90 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY

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Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:59 pm    Post subject: Ads

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:41 pm    Post subject: 7/6/90 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY Reply with quote

Grateful Dead
Cardinal Stadium
Location Louisville, KY
7/6/90 - Friday

Set One
One Hell In A Bucket > Sugaree; Easy To Love You; Peggy-O; Desolation Row; West L.A. Fadeaway; Picasso Moon; Ramble On Rose; The Music Never Stopped

Set Two
China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>Man Smart, Woman Smarter> Standing On The Moon>He's Gone> Jam> Drumz>
Truckin'> Wharf Rat> Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Around And Around
Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Set One
Bucket starts us off in fine fashion. By the jam they have things going at a steady clip. It's good when they iron out all the wrinkles and advertise them as something else this early.
This goes straight into Sugaree. I nice follow up early in a show. Jerry is in good, creaky voice. These two songs go together like a red wine and some steak, you decide which is which. Phil is in good form, slowly and smoothly be-bopping around Jerry. Wow, they really get into this! Cheesebeer called it a "circular grind", it's X-factor whatever you want to call it... in the final jam. In the last verse Brent is all over the background as Jerry sings.
Easy to Love You, Brent is giving his shot, and starts with a great intro... unique. The band is a little behind his curve hahaha. Phil leads the band into catching up. The spend the rest of the song in good form. They give this one a little extra jam than they typically do, it seems to my still rusty ears. Brent gives us some vocal breakdown in the final chorus as well! Great ETLY.
Peggy-O is somewhat in the same vein as the last two songs. Nothing overpowering, as far as a song goes, but setting the mood well for this portion of the show. Jerry sings it spunkily, with some more soul than a typical approach..
Desolation Row, Bob felt slighted and needed some face time... Love these Dylan ballads. They manage a bit more energy than normal for this tune, as well, Phil driven in my opinion. Bobby nails all the lyrics, because it's so much easier than Truckin', for example...
West LA Fadeaway is always a plus to me. Sleazy dead at it's best!!! We get a real example of teamwork here. A beauty of this song is that during the verses Jerry is also basically giving the rhythm, which really lets Bobby try out some space. Bluesy, and grimy, like a West LA girl. I can't say enough about this version, a potential best ever West LA really.
I just love the intro to Picasso Moon. I know many diss it, but oh well. The lyrics are clever, and the energy is good. A Bob Rock Star song! Swami pointed out it's a Lesh playground, which is totally true, and thus far this is definitely a Phil+ show! He crushes this rendition! Dark Angel moment is fun, and it just builds from there. The energy never lets up, Bob is at his pig in shit finest, and Jerry and Phil are working it! I hear the quickening as well, Bob.
Ramble on... I seem to be. It was a good version, of a song I typically shun... enjoyed. Definitely a positive example of the Jerry MIDI experience.
Set ender will be TMNS. It has a good tempo, so that's a plus, out of the gates. The first solo breakdown is nice, Phil is providing some solid bass behind Jerry, and Bob is filling nicely. Melodic jam. Nothing over the top. There was a minute of uncertainty, which they recovered from nicely. Brent puts in some nice work, the unsung hero of the set. They really put it together there after some initial trepidation. It'll do, I would have liked more, but this set has been solid, so they get a pass.

Set Two
China>Rider opens the set with high expectations from this listener. They need a bit of a recovery from a good but not great TMNS, of which I expected more. The tempo was slow until the tranny into Rider, at which point they caught fire! We have lift off! Just what the doctor ordered, X factor included! You can hear Phil dancing on stage. X factor is revisited in the tranny again before it ends. Tempo is where we want it now, we're back into solid footing by the time we "take rest" in Rider. Headlight, fine vocals! Phil bombs the bass for us. The jam session portion features some great Jerry high notes, and Brent and Phil step up. Great Rider, as I would expect. The China Cat was lacking.
This goes right into Women Are Smarter, and I've set my expectations low for a traditional Kochman dislike on Facebook here... MIDI in the intro, I can dig it, reggae-ish. Calypso Brent on the keys. The jam section of this song, it just doesn't do it for me. It's too predictable. Brent does liven it up a bit more than what I am used to, while Jerry is on the MIDI, but still.
SOTM has what I would consider the strongest intro the song ever saw. I wish it had remained in the pre-drums slot. I'm partial because this was the first song I learned to play on guitar, but I don't even need to re-listen to know this is a great version. Jer is in great voice here, and they don't rush a song that shouldn't be rushed. Brent gives us a spacey vibe, heavenly. Knowing this leads into a great Gone adds to the way they keep this song at a perfect pace. The solo is not at all rushed, a nice pre-drums ballad for us to enjoy as the sun goes down (it was setting at the time played). Masterful. Phil is giving us the low down, while Brent gives us the highs, and Jer gives the power.
Jerry calls the Gone, as the sun continues to set... it'll be down before we finish up into drums, as this fills the "power slot". The song itself is fine, solid Jerry before "going where the wind don't blow so straight".
Gone Jam gets its own entry. This is the stuff that makes me love the GD. Jerry drives this deep and dark. You just have to listen to it yourself... if you like the GD, you WILL like this. X factor is achieved once again, and again, and again, in a new way. This is why we listen. The drummers try to end it about 5 minutes in, and Jerry isn't having it. He would normally have retired. Brent corroborates with spaciness again. Bob gets pissed, and wants to be heard... we have full exploratory jam here. Nobody's fault but mine and TOO jams are touched upon in this portion.
Truckin' comes out of Space. I honestly missed most of it.
Wharf Rat is in a good tempo, faster than usual even. It certainly did the job for me... I'm slightly faded as I write.
GDTRFB is just what I need to get me back into order. Fully bluesed out, nice Brent, rhythm, Phil is doing good work.
Around x 2 is the energetic closer to the show.

Encore: All Over Now, Baby Blue. This has long been in their repertoire, and often overlooked.

First set summary - Well played, some moments of X, good energy. A "high" rating for the set. TMNS is a bit of a downer, but only considering the rest of the set is top dollar, even Ramble n Rose.

Second set summary - The Gone Jam is the cream of the crop GD music. Rider is also nice, as is the WR, but, it's all about the SOTM>Gone>Jam... the stuff legends are made of.
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