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06/24/1983 Major League Baseball in Dane County Coliseum

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Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:43 pm    Post subject: Ads

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:15 pm    Post subject: 06/24/1983 Major League Baseball in Dane County Coliseum Reply with quote

Set 1
Shakedown Street, Far From Me, Candyman> Little Red Rooster, Brown Eyed Women, Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues, Althea, Hell In A Bucket>Deal

Set 2
Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower>Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance>Drums>Truckin'>Morning Dew>Around & Around>Johnny B. Goode,
E: Don't Ease Me In

One word about the setlist before starting. Okay!

This show is a
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. I did have to lower the bass a bit.

Shakedown is a great way to open up a show. Right from the get go, you can hear they are ready to roll. Brent's sound is great, and Garcia is nice and crispy. First solo is nice, with just the right amount of whaa, and Jerry is weaving with good timing. The 2nd jam is solid as well. The serious jam after the last verse is indeed serious, Jerry is belting out in a funk/blues mix almost, and the band is playing as a team. They slow it down and Bob steps up to add some nice rhythm. Jerry gets out of the crisp sound into something a bit deeper and groggier toward the end of this jam. The opener comes in at almost 16 minutes in totto.
This was a lead off home run (perhaps an in the park home run).

Far From Me is always a favorite of mine, though I realize that I am not in the majority. Jerry's guitar was oddly low, considering he'd just wailed the Shakedown. The first 1:45 of this is crap, but then Jerry gets back up and everyone else does too... still not the best version.

Candyman has a nice wawa, but is a little slower than I would typically like. I understand it is not supposed to be fast...
The expected "watery tone" in the solos does not disappoint and kind of goes with the slower tempo. The web he weaves drips like morning dew.
This moves right into LRR, not typically my favorite, and especially given the slower tempo of Candyman I was worried. However, they pulled it off nicely... sleazy dead. Brent brings a solid solo. There's a bit of a culmination jam when Bobby does his slide solo that gets pretty intense. Jerry then pulls an awesome solo to trump Bobby, typical. It really put things into perspective. Poor Bobby.

BEW, I have a feeling Jerry wanted to get back into energetic mode after his LRR solo! This is a great one, though Phil was once again really high. It was probably just like that... I mean, I turned him down pretty low on my EQ. A fun little "period piece" set in the age of Temperance... Great rendition of this old favorite.
They zip right into Mexicali Blues, cowboy time! Nice! Also unusual because there's no follow up tune. Swami reminded this rusty barnacle of a sailor that Mexicali was the 2nd in the cowboy medleys. This was well played. Then some tuning before...

Althea, Jerry's turn to slow it down. It's not as slow as a 79er, but it's sultry and slinky nonetheless. I needed it faster though. It did heat up near the end, but too little too late.

Bucket, before it got fast hahahahaha. 84 was the year Bob realized he needed to shred this one out, though there were some faster ones nearer the end of 83. I can't stop thinking of the video to this song when I hear it. You could really tell they were still feeling this song out.
Deal comes out of some serious Phil Bomb to end Bucket. I need a solid Jerry solo in this one... it's clocking in around 10 minutes, so I think it's in the offing. He does indeed deliver, starting around 5:30. X-factor is delivered, and it bodes well for the 2nd set that is right around the intermission bend.

Overall, the 1st set was hit and miss... Shakedown, BEW>Mexicali and Deal were easily the best songs.

Bobby asked the crowd to take a step back... I love that they messed his voice hahahahah, the ultimate soundman joke.
Help>Slip to open the second. A great setlist when you have Shakedown in the first, and this in the 2nd... too bad they didn't do a 3rd opener. Not overly strong opening chords, but smooth. They head into Slip, and Brent is making himself well known, and just in time. He compliments Jerry perfectly, and Phil is hammering away. The biggest Phil bomb, as of yet, in the show brings them into the reprise, and then...
Franklin's Tower comes rollin'! Nice tempo, drummer pushed. No let downs here, solid GD. Brent has really come alive in the 2nd, must have been an interesting intermission. For some reason they went into some extended slow movement before the final verse. They burst out of that verse with good energy for the finale at least, it was just odd... perhaps someone needed to get their timing back?
Sailor>Saint finds it ways out of the fog... Hopefully we get a full powered transition between the two. I know Gopher always liked a nice tranny... Didn't happen, it was a typical transition. The show... it's not doing it for me. I had high hopes, I remembered something better from the last time I heard it. Perhaps I'm overdeaded still? This Saint is good, but for this period I would expect nothing less. The jam around the 4 minute mark takes us to high places again, with some serious Jerry noodles while everyone else pushes (PHIL). We did get back to where we needed to be, but the show is inconsistent.
MLB Jam with just Bob and the drummers... it was short, but cool. Then Bobby decides to be a rock star... back and forth between the two.
Drums is drums.
Space... this show is like the Red Sox, a lot of promise, but it won't win the Series.
Truckin' begins bluesy and without the freaking whistle. Bobby stays blues on the rhythm, and the lyrics... nailed! The lights are shining on my verse is full of energy... in a hit or miss night, this is a hit. Lots of runners left on base this evening, but I think the next song will be another home run. Wait, this song just hit a base clearing triple, nice explosion point there at the end that leads into the final jam.
Dew, 83 was a good year for Dew, best of the early 80s, when the song was rather rare. Jerry is in good voice, just enough cracking without getting near Kermit levels. The band really puts it together for this Dew, thankfully. No one overstepping, or understepping... Teamwork, Al Capone Untouchables style. You know what happens if you don't work for the team. Phil Bombs in between Jerry moments... nice. I'm excited for the outro! They take their time here, and I didn't notice a single flaw... definitely a great Dew for the fans. The outro is solid as they come, with Jerry flirting with "fanning", but keeping it classy instead. Bob, Brent and Phil are right there with him, TEAM. Jerry does shred! Love it!
Round x 2 comes right on the heels, Bobby ain't wasting no time. But, come on, it's the rocker closer... no JBG... because that's next!
JBG comes out firing off! Love it! This one lets Brent go nuts at the end, solid closing effort, glad that Bobby threw this in there.

In summary, 2nd set, hit and miss... as is the whole show. Some really stellar moments, but...
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:26 pm    Post subject: great setlist Reply with quote

When a set list like this one jumps off of the paper at you, expectations of greatness are high. Unfortunately the energy level was just low overall, and even when the high-energy moments came around it seemed like hard work to get there.

First set starts out nice but midway through loses steam, and by Bucket they are out of gas. Deal tries to revive some spark but seemed like an uphill battle. Crash down into lyrical reprise was not able to be achieved.

Slipknot didn't have the playfulness or intensity of some other 1983 versions, and although Franklin's began with a nice burst from the drum section - it couldn't gain momentum to carry it through. Sailor was below average, and featured some inaudible Bob Weir mumbling during the breakdown, but Saint was able to work up to a nice peak for the reprise (thanks in large part to Mr. Lesh) - and Bobby delivered a nice MLB/solo jam to bring in the Drumz.

Morning Dew is really good - Jerry really takes his time and wills this version to victory. Superb final jam and climax. Worth the price of admission for sure if in attendance, but not quite worth the price of 3 hours of time here in 2013.

Even the blind man knows when the rain is falling.
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