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3/24/90 - The Knickerbocker's Loser (and the rest as well)

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 9:04 pm    Post subject: 3/24/90 - The Knickerbocker's Loser (and the rest as well) Reply with quote

This review is my first in a while, after a pretty long GD hiatus that I'm recently coming out of for the better.
It is from a listening party, with a compilation put together by our fellow sailor Soeharto1.
Here's the thread he did for it.
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Set 1:
Let the Good Times Roll - Brent starts us off. He's in good voice, sound level issues get sorted out quickly. Nothing major to report here.
Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower - The early HSF is a pretty cool choice this early and indicator good things will be rolling in the rest of the show. Even haters can't hate this combo. The sound quality is a bit wabbly, to my ears. It is crisp though. Jerry gets through Help without too much mumbling, and the band is hitting all the notes properly. Then they slip into the knot... my favorite part of the trio. Garcia is clearly leading the troops to victory here. Weir fills the pauses masterfully after some initial hesitation, his reverb is nice and spacy. The MIDI comes in after they go a bit spacey, and the drummers maintain a great rhythm as a background. I felt like Brent cut it short a bit early. It never fully developed.
Another seemless tranny into Tower. Fast pace and full of obstacles, Swami said it's like downhill skiing! I like it, a slalom course is what I envision as Jerry continues to guide. The finale is quite energetic, which is good because it was nice before that, but a little listless.
Walkin' Blues - The moment Bob had been waiting for! The drummers help out with a strong intro. The twang is in full effect from Jerome John. This definitely has a good tempo and energy. Brent takes his solo well, typical riffs, but awesome nonetheless. Bob's energetic vocals are in full effect, Rock Star Bob.
Loser - To me, best rendition they ever did. I will comment no further.
Desolation Row- A great choice to follow that Loser. The gambler's off table life? Jerry sprinkles along below Bob's singing just right. Jerry's solo has a masterful use of the delay that rings just right. This is really a great version, no wonder it made the cut for PCFAH. The work by Jerry and Brent in the last jam before the final verse is magnificent.
Tennessee Jed - Well, this was kind of a buzz kill.
One More Saturday Night - This brings some energy back, as a set ender ought. Special shot out to Georgy on this one. A rollicking good time was rolled.

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band - A great way to open a set! The intro is strong, as it must be. The jamming starts off at a great clip, Bob is in full swing and Jerry wahs away. Phil has really made himself known at this point, though you have to crank up the bass due to the mix. Jerry is just spot on, weaving in and out of my head like a spider in a storm. The spacey jam gets pretty chaotic, and it's great. This gets spacey like the Dark Star from 7/12/90. Long and deep as Zephyr and John C. Holmes would say.
Uncle John's Band - The band needed this to be played. Phil gets a little overbearing, perhaps I turned him up too loud? Solid work here by the boys, just what you'd expect. A good ol' 'Merican song. Then we get to the jam section. Jerry has been on all night, so no surprise that he continues here, nothing earth shattering, but solid.
Terrapin Station - Great Lady intro. This is a beautiful Lady, overall. Brent is tinkering along in the background, but Jerry's wah is spot on. The fan jam before the last Lady verse is nice and proper, text book one could say. Then into the turtle shell we go. They really nail this song, I'm sorry my description is lacking, but it's hard knocking the rust off sometimes. Bob, Jerry, Brent, magnificent. The drummers have been pretty good all show, holding the background down for the front men. The front men layer upon each other well. This is a solid "Turtle Jam" if ever there was one, not to forget 3/15/90.
Set Two Jam - Well, I didn't remember this somehow... it's an MLB Jam! One of my favorites! It's awesome. You can't ask for more in a show than what has already been delivered. Brent really drives it home. It is one of the longer MLB jams out there, if not the longest, and not a sour note was struck. MIDI Brent action after the 4 minute mark helps it get spacier as they prepare for the inevitable drift into drums. I'm actually rather surprised Jerry hung this long, he was usually out much quicker. In the end, it clocked in near the 8 minute mark! The rest of this track is composed of drums>space.
The Wheel - Nice climbing by Jerry to get us rolling out of the chaos of space.
All Along The Watchtower - Full of energy from the get go! Bob is on fire, vocally, not overdoing it. Jerry, he's running the show, as he must in such a song to be successful. His first solo is burning already, can't wait to get into it deeper as I type! Jerome's second to last and final solos ar as solid as they come in 90. Brent gives a nice dark undertone. This is probably the highlight of post-drums, having not heard the rest I am willing to place money on that idea already. This is what it's all about, men.
Stella Blue - Slow it down. There's no further up to go, so far call. This is a solid Stella, I may have missed some flub, but I don't recall any.
Not Fade Away - You get what you expect. No amazing firework, but a nice rocker to finish out the set. I'm rather burnt out on the NFA, to be honest.

Encore: And We Bid You Goodnight - My least favorite encore. It's a nice gesture, I suppose.

SQ: Going into this, I knew it would be unique. The fact that it is, probably for the first time in my listening experience, compiled from 5 different sources makes for some interesting potential.
Spring 90 Boxset - In the opener, there were some issues, but they were not because of the band or the production value, but the levels getting adjusted. Swami and I agreed it left something to be desire, but better than nothing.
Without a Net - I may be biased, but I've always loved this... probably because it was one of my first GD CDs.
Postcards From a Hanging - Perfect.
Archive Source (unspecified SBD) - The worst of the 5 sources, but it's pretty good. I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.
Dozin' at the Knick - Another one that I love. This was a constant while I was in college, one of the higher quality official releases of its day. A+++++++++++.
Performance: - There are a few lows, but, not much is just exactly perfect. Overall, 9/10 in my book, considering the era. 90 was a very good year.
Overall thoughts: - I love this show, and I'm really glad Soeharto went through the efforts to compile this and hook it up like he did.
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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 12:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Especially good performance by the drummers I noticed in listening to this last night. Great rhythm throughout show and a really standout Drumz segment. Strong 2nd Set for sure. Watchtower-Stella resurrected the energy nicely during the post-Drumz.

Even the blind man knows when the rain is falling.
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