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Rocking the Rhein and Steppin out......

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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 8:10 pm    Post subject: Ads

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Joined: 03 Mar 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:17 pm    Post subject: Rocking the Rhein and Steppin out...... Reply with quote

You know this is just a thought that I figured I would share with all of you. I'm not sure if I ever meant it to be a post or not, but it's something that I want to say to a bunch of deadheads who will get it so I figured what the hell...I'll make a post f it, say what I want to say, and see if anyone has any other opinion or wants to start a discussion.

First of all I want to clarify that I am a deadhead through and through. I'm sure most of you will agree we all have certain eras that we enjoy listening to more than others. I myself, bounce around quite a bit. What I mean is I may listen o one era for a month or so and then switch to another era. is the catch. If say for example I'm in a late 70s era mood and I try to listen to a show from the late 60s while in a late 70s mood I can't enjoy the show. I'm not really sure why that is, or how it happened.

Another thing that I have to admit, is that I have mixed emotions about pigpen. There are times when I'm totally into listening to him, and listening to shows with him, and then there are other times that I just can't take it. The long drawn out jams are cool and shit, but sometimes when pig is going off it just drives me wild.

That being said the last two days i knew that I needed to listen to the boys but I couldn't find anything that was really catching my attention. I have been going through some mad personal shit this week and I'm shocked I made it through it without ending it all, but as usual the boys and my wife (who isn't a fan of them at all btw), where there for me and I'm still I guess that's a good thing.

Anyhow I listened to two albums that I haven't listened to in a while, and man do the boys and pigpen jam the fuck out. I'm sure I'm almost wasting my breath and typing here because I'm sure you all have them, and have listened to them but I just figured I would share all this with you and I'm not sure why other than that as deadheads I consider us to be a big family.

So anyhow I listened Rockin the Rhein, and Steppin out with the Grateful Dead. These have been on the shelf for a long time, and I was glad as all hell that I decided to go that route and that era and listen to them nice and loud. They really helped to help bring me out of the funk I was in.

So do any of you guys ever get like that? Do you guys ever get stuck on an era for a while and then switch to another era? Do the boys ever pull you out of bad situations that you have to deal with in life, and make the world a better place again?

I was just curious and as I said before I'm not even sure I meant this to a post with questions, or if I just needed to type it out knowing I have friends on here. Please feel free to comment, and maybe a discussion will come out of it. It's been a while for me since one of my posts have turned into a discussion.

Anyhow everyone, thanks for listening to me rant (reading what I'm ranting about). The boys have been a fixture in my life since 83/84 and while they have gotten me through plenty and would have gotten me through this to, it's fucking awesome knowing you are all out there. Joining this forum and meeting all of you has been one of the best things I have done in a really long time.
Peace And b Wilds guys!!!!!
PS- I can't believe how fast this year went by but happy holidays to everyone!!!

NOBODY NOTICES WHAT I DO UNTIL I STOP DOING IT!!!!! fucking bullshit if you ask me, because I always have to explain what I'm doing. Miss the old days of touring and not having a care in the world.
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Joined: 07 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah it happens to me too, once the batteries are charged I get back on the tracks! Music helps out a lot ... I listened to this today ....

The Rolling Stones - "Handsome Girls"
4 CD Box Set
The Swingin' Pig (TSP-CD-200)

Pre-FM SBD > Liberated Boot > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC

CD's 1 and 2 include the entire Forth Worth show in best possible quality (sourced from the King Biscuit archives - uncensored). CD's 3 and 4 compile almost every song broadcast from the '78 tour plus a few that weren't (including Starf-cker).

Sound quality is A+

CD 1 - Fort Worth, TX - 7/18/78

1. Let It Rock
2. All Down The Line
3. Honky Tonk Women
4. Starf-cker
5. When The Whip Comes Down
6. Beast Of Burden
7. Miss You
8. Just My Imagination
9. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Far Away Eyes
12. Love In Vain
13. Tumbling Dice
14. Happy

CD 2 - Fort Worth, TX - 7/18/78

1. Sweet Little Sixteen
2. Brown Sugar
3. Jumping Jack Flash
Alternate Versions:
4. All Down The Line
5. Honky Tonk Women
6. Starf-cker
7. When The Whip Comes Down
8. Beast Of Burden
9. Shattered
10. Far Away Eyes
11. Jumping Jack Flash

CD 3

1. Let It Rock (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)
2. All Down The Line (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
3. Honky Tonk Women (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
4. Starf-cker (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
5. When The Whip Comes Down (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)
6. Lies (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
7. Miss You (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)
8. Beast Of Burden (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
9. Shattered (Memphis, TN - 6/28/78)
10. Respectable (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
11. Just My Imagination (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)
12. Far Away Eyes (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
13. Tumbling Dice (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)
14. Happy (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78)

CD 4

1. Hound Dog (Memphis, TN - 6/28/78)
2. Sweet Little Sixteen (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
3. Brown Sugar (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
4. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Houston, TX - 7/19/78)
5. Miss You (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
6. Lies (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
7. Beast Of Burden (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
8. Shattered (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
9. Just My Imagination (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
10. Respectable (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)
11. Sweet Little Sixteen (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78)

Try it the 78 stones have that enewrgizing facto r... Very Happy

I mean, sports are big, big, big business. (Phil Lesh)
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