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Your best Phish experience

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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:30 am    Post subject: Ads

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:02 am    Post subject: Your best Phish experience Reply with quote

I just pulled out my copy of 7/1/10 at walnut creek after not listening to it for months. Best night of my life. I doubt I will ever go to a concert anywhere near this good again. Its like when they were planing the set list they said " Hey theres this guy spencer coming tonight, lets just play all of his favorite songs" Laughing I've been meaning to write a review of this show for a while, so why not on a night full of beer and boredom like this.

Set 1: Llama, Roses Are Free, Kill Devil Falls, Time Loves a Hero, Alaska, Water in the Sky, Runaway Jim > The Moma Dance > The Divided Sky, Cavern

Set 2: Backwards Down the Number Line > Halley's Comet -> Light > Fluffhead > Have Mercy, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone -> Free > Wading in the Velvet Sea, The Squirming Coil >Suzy Greenberg[1]

Encore: Boogie On Reggae Woman

I arrive at Raleigh that morning with my friends Josh and Gary. Josh has been a long time Phish and Dead fan, he even got to see the reunion at Hampton a couple of years ago. Gary on the other hand has little interest in Phish, hes more pumped for the next Gucci Mane album. He has no idea what hes in for. We get to the days inn at around 11, ready to get fueled for the show. Josh is literally grabbing a lighter to spark a bowl when I notice something, the clerk messed up and gave us a non smoking room. Good thing i caught it before we made a mistake that might have changed the whole trip.

We get to the concert around 6 and the parking lot scenes a mad house. There passing out $1 beers like candy. I hesitate to take one, look over at a group of cops not giving a [CENSORED] about any of this, and think what the hell. Latter as we're walking through the gates, the cops say, "empty all your pockets please" OHH SHIT. I pull out my pipe, a bag of bud and a bag of shrooms i picked up in the lot, show it directly to the officer. He just looks at me and say, " move along sir". Showtime.

We find a good spot on the lawn and just chill till the show starts. At this point, I'm beginning to feel like a stranger if you know what i mean. The band comes on stage, looks down at group of guys holding a LLAMA banner and start laughing. 30 seconds the opening cords of llama comes on, paige just starts going crazy, and I feel right at home. Trey comes up to the mic and..... flubs the lyrics! Oh god no! Is this going to be 2004 all over again?! Luckily after hearing his first solo of the night a minuet later, I realize its a small mistake.

Then on to Roses Are Free, a pretty straight forward song. Not much room for out there jamming. But they play it well.

Kill Devil Falls: My first time hearing my favorite of there new songs. One of the first lines is " Reach for a beer, glad that I'm here, then I realize that your not around." It was probably the shrooms, but this line hit my like a train. All of the sudden I really wished my girlfriend could have come. Great song though.

Then onto Time Loves a Hero and Alaska. Fun new songs to welcome to the club.

Out of Alaska, Pagie starts trickling down the piano in a mesmerizing way. For a second I wonder if its another new tune, but the John starts tapping and I realize its water in the sky. The first minuet or two are just mediocre, but then pagie just goes into a wonderfull solo, and the crowd goes crazy.

Right into run away jim. At this point, the shrooms aren't hitting Josh as well as Gary and I. We take out of the crowd and to the back of the lawn to calm him down. I ending missing most of this song trying to baby sit my friend.

This segues into Mike slapping this funky ass beat. For the first few minutes of I think this is a brand new song. Little do I know its one of my long time favorties, The Moma Dance.

The song ends and I can't believe what I'm hearing next. It can't be. They never play this song. Theres no chance I would catch one the few versions of this. But it is. Divded Sky, by far my favorite phish song. To tell you the truth, listening to the recording after a while, its filled with a good amount of flaws. But my rocket fueled brain didn't give a shit. If the Dead played the worst version of your favortie song at your first show,youd go crazy to.

Then its time for Cavern, the Might As Well of phish. Its time for the glorious set to end. At the last line, "Give the director...", me and this other hippy starting lock arms and start spinning around screaming the lyrics.

The band takes stage for the second set. Backwards Down The Number line, which debuted at Hampton the previous year. One the most well written phish songs to date.

The I start giggling with excitement as the band starts Halleys Comet. A really fun dancing song.

This flows right into Light, and i know its time for some experimental jamming. Halfway through I make sure Gary can handle Josh and head through the crowd. I got really good tickets way before they did, so they got stuck with the lawn. I wanted to check out my good seat for at least a few songs. As I'm waking up the light show just starts going crazy. My trip was at its peak, and I've never had an out of body experience before that. I will never forget that moment. Check out the video here
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Right after the Phish version of Space, it flows smoothly into Fluffhead. Can't even describe how great that was.

If your still reading this, I'm about on the verge of passing out. Laughing Laughing Laughing, I'm going to finish this up in the morning, hope you will come back to read.

"JOKING?! Keep in mind, my friend, that this is serious business to most of us losers around here; we are, after all, wasting our precious lives debating these absurd issues. Have a little respect." - dylan&theded
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've seen Phish three times and have never been overly impressed with them. That video of what Phis sounds like to people who don't like Phish is almost exactly how I feel about them. But hey, at least they are doing what they like to do.
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(thanks betwixt!)

11/25/1994 UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Llama, Guelah Papyrus, Reba, Bouncing Around the Room, Split Open and Melt, Esther, Julius, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Mike's Song -> Simple -> Harpua[1], Weekapaug Groove -> The Mango Song > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Good Times Bad Times

[1] Narration concerned happy green love beams and angry red hate beams.

6/19/1995 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville IN

Set I:
1. Theme
2. Poor Heart
3. AC/DC Bag
4. Tela
6. Reba
7. Strange Design
8. Rift
9. Cavern
10. Antelope

Disc 2
Set IIe:
1. Simple >
2. Bowie
3. Mango
4. Loving Cup
5. Sparkle
6. YEM
7. Acoustic Army

Disc 3
Set IIe:
1. Possum
2. e: A Day in the Life

10/31/1995 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago IL
'Quedrophenia" , Live Phish Vol. 14 show

But this is and will likely forever be my best Phish experience. This tape actually has melody and rocking moments. I like it a lot, especially set one.

4/16/1992 Anaconda Theatre, Santa Barbara CA

Set I [88:42]

01. Buried Alive
02. Possum
03. It's Ice
04. Bouncing Around the Room
05. Split Open and Melt
06. Rift
07. Fee >
08. Maze
09. Colonel Forbin's Ascent >
10. Icculus >
11. Famous Mockingbird
12. Run Like an Antelope

Set 2 [76:45]

01. Sanity
02. Llama
03. Lizards >
04. Mike's Song >
05. I Am Hydrogen >
06. Weekapaug Groove
07. Horn
08. Poor Heart
09. Cold as Ice
10. Terrapin > Cold as Ice
11. Carolina
12. Memories
13. Sweet Adeline
14. Suzie Greenberg

15. Encore Break
16. Sleeping Monkey
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Roses Are Free? As in the Ween song? I love that tune. Cool cover choice.

We used to play for acid, now we play for Clive.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Clifford Ball - Ball All The Time !!!

When you reach the fork in the road, take it ....
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